We will make the effort to  answer the common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to go to the Contact Us page to post any questions or queries you may have if they are not covered here. We will try to update this section as frequently as possible to cover all the areas that you may have questions.

How can I become a security guard with your company ?

send an application to stopbanditsecure@gmail.com or Contact Us indicating your interest. Please bare in mind that to become a security guard you must be PSRA certified.  A Reference from your last supervisor is a must. An entrance test will be administered after the initial interview.

What if I am not PSRA certified?

We offer in house training that will get you certified. This is a two weeks training after which you will referred to P.S.R.A. to get your certification.

Who is P.S.R.A?

Private Security Regulation Authority (P.S.R.A.) is the body in Jamaica that is responsible for monitoring and regulating the security industry. They have the responsible to ensure that all security personnel are certified and adequately equipped to work in the industry